The Bold And The Beautiful’s Scott Clifton Reveals A Highly Unusual Leg Injury And How It Happened

Scott Clifton recently took to Instagram to document the events leading up to suffering a nasty injury on his bicycle. First, he revealed his disdain for wearing shorts. Still, he admitted that the recent sweltering weather in California loosened his stance against wearing «trousers that just stop existing halfway down» his leg. Clifton recounted the events leading to the injury in the caption, writing, «Great opportunity to debut my pasty Scottish calves. As I’m unloading the bikes from the back of my 4Runner, I realize my leg has been resting on the scalding hot tailpipe for several nanoseconds too long, leaving me with an incredibly painful, soot-black crescent tattoo.»

In the photo provided by Clifton, a nasty scrape/burn is evident. The injury happened on the first day of his journey into the world of shorts. Even though the weather was blistering, Clifton’s tendency to wear pants instead of shorts may have attributed. Considering he suffered such a gruesome fate the first time he wore shorts, it’s safe to assume he might avoid them moving forward.

Regarding how shorts factored into his injury, Clifton said, «The moral of the story? Y’all short-wearing SOB’s take for granted the long-developed instinct to constantly protect your legs. This s*** comes with a learning curve.» Per Soaps, on screen Hope and Liam might be headed for a split, but in real life, Clifton’s going through a pain far more excruciating.

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