The Heartbreaking Death Of General Hospital Actor Gerald Castillo

While television star Gerald Castillo is widely known for his roles on «Saved by the Bell» and «General Hospital,» it was the groundbreaking series «The Jeffersons» that gave him his on-air start. After working the stage play circuit throughout the 1960s, his big television break didn’t come until 1978, when he joined his friend Sherman Hemsley on the show, which followed the life of a Black businessman post-Civil Rights Era. Hemsley held the role of adored TV dad, George Jefferson, and Castillo guest-starred as a police officer. Hemsley and Castillo shared previous work experience, The Hollywood Reporter detailed.

His spot on «The Jeffersons» helped drive Castillo more towards on-camera projects. His resume would quickly grow, including shows such as «All In the Family,» «M.A.S.H.,» and «Our House,» in addition to many others. Film was also on his agenda, landing appearances in «Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection,» «Above Suspicion,» and «The Boarder,» which was released in 2012, the same year he stepped away from the spotlight.

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