The List Survey: Which Is Your Preferred Heel Height?

The results are in, and the top voted heel height may shock you. According to The List’s survey, 37.28% of people prefer flat heeled shoes to high heels. Flats have gained serious popularity in the past few years, and as the months grow colder, people may be opting for the comfort of a flat heel over the aesthetic of a high heel, which we totally support. For the die-hard heel wearers, do not worry. The second highest rated heel height, with 28.14% of the vote, was a medium heel between 2.5 and 3.5 inches tall.

21.68% of people prefer the look and feel of a kitten heel. Kitten heels are defined as a heel height lower than 2.5 inches, and a great choice when you’re looking for a stylish heel that won’t feel like you’re defying gravity while you’re walking. Tall heels that measure between 3.5 and 4.5 inches (8.06%) and very tall heels that are over 4.5 inches (4.84%) trailed behind, confirming our suspicion that sky high heels may not be clicking down the sidewalk very often this season. But hats off to anyone who can gracefully walk down the street wearing super high heels, we’re still trying to perfect our strut in a medium heel.

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