The Royals You’ll See In King Charles’ Coronation Procession (And The Ones Who’ll Be Left Out)

As reported by The Times, plans for the May 6 coronation show that William, Prince of Wales and Catherine, Princess of Wales — as well as their three children — will all participate in the king’s coronation procession. While Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are projected to watch the service as guests, Prince George may also have a role during the service itself, provided it meets his parents’ requirements of not being too high-pressure for the 9-year-old. 

Princess Anne and her husband, Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence, will also be in the parade, along with Prince Edward and his wife Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh. Besides his siblings and their spouses, King Charles also invited some of his mother’s cousins in recognition of their royal service. The Duke of Gloucester, also known as Prince Richard, and his wife, the Duchess of Gloucester, are planning to participate. At age 78, Richard has been a working royal since the early 1970s. Like her husband, the duchess is also a working royal with a diverse portfolio of over 60 patronages.

Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, and his sister, Princess Alexandra, are the final members of the royal group. In addition to their connection to Queen Elizabeth, the siblings are also second cousins to Prince Philip. The 87-year-old duke supports 140+ patronages, including sports and the military. Princess Alexandra, who enjoyed a close friendship with Elizabeth, is particularly devoted to causes related to healthcare. 

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