The View Co-Hosts Defend Joe Biden For Standing By His Granddaughter’s Wedding Request

According to Business Insider, some members of the media were unhappy with President Joe Biden’s granddaughter, Naomi Biden, for allowing Vogue to cover the ceremony after claiming the press would not be invited. However, a few co-hosts of «The View» defended the family’s decision. 

During the show’s Nov. 23 episode, Joy Behar said, «This is a bunch of baloney and what they said was ‘this is a private event … we’re giving it to Vogue.'» Meanwhile, Whoppi Goldberg also chimed in, adding, «I thought this was about the bride … she’s not a public figure … she’s not somebody’s face whose face you know. It’s a private affair and you didn’t get to go.»

«They were guaranteed a Vogue photographer, who would pass that up?» co-host Sara Haines added, before Goldberg pointed out that the Biden’s «paid for» the White House wedding. «The president and his wife paid for this … the taxpayers didn’t pay for this wedding.»

Concluding the segment, Alyssa Farah Griffin also suggested that «Hunter Biden’s daughter» might not want the press in attendance to avoid tricky questioning. «You’d have the press there and they wouldn’t be shouting questions at the father of the bride. So I totally get from the bride’s perspective why you wouldn’t have wanted them there,» she commented. 

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