Things Are About To Get Even More Difficult For The Royal Family After The Queen’s Death

After the queen’s funeral, Queen Elizabeth’s former assistant told People that the «real mourning» would begin. The queen’s former private secretary Samantha Cohen told People, «The reality of life without the Queen starts now.» Cohen added, «It’s hard to fathom that she’s gone. It doesn’t seem real.» The former assistant told the outlet, «The uniting force was everybody’s love for the Queen. She made it special because she made sure that everybody felt important and included.» Who will unite the royal family now?

It probably won’t be Catherine, Princess of Wales. An Australian body language expert claimed the Princess gave the Duchess of Sussex an icy stare during a walkabout at Windsor Castle. But William, Prince of Wales, seemed more welcoming to his brother and sister-in-law when the two couples visited Windsor Castle on September 12. After the queen’s funeral, a Twitter meme was popular for the «Witches of Windsor» featuring Princess Catherine, Camilla, Queen Consort, and Sophie, Countess of Wessex. The meme is a photo of the three British royals allegedly snubbing Meghan. One Sussex fan tweeted: «This photo is telling how venomous those women are to #PrincessMeghan. The mean girls know as the WITCHES OF WINDSOR.» 

Andrew and Fergie won’t help unite the family. Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson have new worries under King Charles, and they fear they will be thrown out of the Royal Lodge, per The U.S. Sun.

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