Tina Turner’s Profound Chat About Death With Oprah Winfrey Is Even More Touching Now

When Oprah Winfrey spoke with Tina Turner on «Oprah’s Next Chapter» in 2013, the beloved singer shared that she was intrigued by the idea of going to «another planet» after death. «[I’m] excited about that because I’m curious,» she said with a smile. «What is it about?» Turner made sure to clarify that she wasn’t «excited to die,» but rather, when the time did come, she’d embrace the end with open arms.

During their conversation, Turner also revealed to Winfrey that she’d already accomplished everything she had ever wanted to. At that point, she was prioritizing pleasure in her life. «I’ve got great friends,» she said. «I have a great man in my life . . . now, I have a great husband.» She and former music executive Erwin Bach tied the knot in 2013 after 27 years together. Above all, the performer emphasized, «I’m happy.» Turner leaves a truly incredible legacy behind, and her memory and music will live on.

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