A first-timer’s guide to booking a private jet charter New Jersey

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Imagine the idea of flying on a private jet, with your very own butler, minus all the airport lines, with champagne and good food. It’s definitely a tempting picture to paint. For many, this may seem like something straight out of a dream. Nowadays, however, this may not necessarily be true.


Diva arrives at private jet in limo with chauffeur


Gone are the days when flying on a private jet charter is reserved only for the select few A-listers of the world. With more private jets operating, prices may have gone more reasonable—still expensive, yes, but not something only the world’s top millionaires can afford. You, too, can fly private, for as long as you’re willing to spend a little bit more above a first-class ticket on a commercial jet.


If you’re intimidated by the idea of booking a private jet charter New Jersey for the very first time, don’t be. Have in mind that even the most seasoned and frequent private jet fliers were once first-timers too. There’s always that first start to everything. To walk you through, read on.


Choose A Reputable Charter Company

Unlike booking a commercial flight, there may be fewer private jet companies to choose from that service your desired destination. However, given the rising demand, you’re sure to have at least quite a few options. That still makes for a whole lot of decisions to cover.

To help narrow down the list quite significantly, it pays to choose a reputable charter company. Don’t skimp on this. You need to give yourself the assurance that you’re in a safe plane and that the charter company knows everything about top-notch private jet service. Otherwise, you may not get what you’ve paid for.


Pay Close Attention To The Communication Process

One aspect that sets private flights apart from commercial ones is that private flights pay a significant weight of importance on customer service. You’re paying for a premium price tag on a private jet charter New Jersey. So, it just follows, as a matter of expectation, you should also be given top-notch service even as early as in the booking process.

If you happen to be dealing with a company that’s less than amicable, then move on to other providers. You’re certainly going to come across so many more who can provide better customer service. Just think, if the company is giving you a tough time dealing with them during that booking stage, that fact should speak so much of the company’s brand image and reputation.


Get Expert Advice From Frequent Fliers

As a first-timer, it significantly helps to poll together expert advice from friends and family you may know who have tried flying private jet charter. Because they’re within your social circle, you can take their word for it. There are no other better individuals who can give you top-notch advice than them.

Take notes as you communicate. Ask as many questions as you can. They may be able to shed so much light on you, to remove any cloud of doubt and confusion you have about booking private flights.


Be Aware Of The Cancellation Terms

Different airlines will have their respective cancellation terms. Commercial jets have those, so you can expect private jets to have their own cancellation terms as well. Because there’s so much more money spent when you’re booking a private flight, you need to be more careful about the terms and conditions. If not, you could lose so much, should you come across the need to cancel your flight.


Clarify Your Personal Preferences In Advance

When booking a private jet charter New Jersey, it’s expected that any of your personal needs are going to be well-taken care of. However, this might be limited only to what you’ve specified in advance. Private planes aren’t supermarkets, where they carry a super wide range of food options, for example.

If you have meal restrictions, clarify them when booking. If you have requests, such as baby bassinets and other kid-related equipment, state those in your booking as well. For as long as you made your request beforehand, the company will do as much as they can to be able to provide them for you.



Without a doubt, the past years have definitely caused a shift in the travel habits of many. Nowadays, more travelers are considering flying on a private jet in exchange for privacy, relative safety without the crowds, and so many more other advantages. For first-time private jet fliers, however, even the idea of booking a flight may be daunting to you. Don’t let that fear or confusion hold you back from flying private. Let it guide you, so you can be one step closer to living that private jet travel lifestyle too.

The post A first-timer’s guide to booking a private jet charter New Jersey appeared first on Travel Daily.

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