Amazing Thailand, New Chapters champions country’s COVID-19-adapted tourism products

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Luxperience Australia and Thailand Tourism Authority hosted a bespoke event in Sydney to celebrate Thailand’s unique MICE luxury experiences and the amazing culture.

Travel Daily Media sat down with Tanes Petsuwan, deputy governor for International Marketing APAC, to chat.

Anthony Gallagher: What countries will be your primary marketing focus?

Tanes Petsuwan: It’s great to be in Sydney to present the new campaign called “Amazing Thailand, New Chapters”, and the rebound is very exciting. With TAT marketing, we don’t just aim at specific countries; we try to be in multiple markets focusing on top performers.

The number of Australian tourists is around 900,000 a year which is the best performance in 2019. China ranks number one in the year 2019, at 10 million. Being close neighbours, Malaysia and Korea are big markets as well.

AG: What changes will we see to tourism in Thailand?

TP: Things won’t be the same as before COVID-19 as the world has changed. I don’t think we can enjoy the previous numbers of 40 million tourists again, or at least for some time.

Smaller groups are emerging, health, safety and sustainability are now reflected by new consumer behaviour.

There is a new generation of travellers and segmentation of the TAT, focusing on remote workers and digital nomads. So, the 4G or 5G digital WiFi needs to be ready. Now, Bangkok and Chiang Mai have been ranked as the top destinations for digital nomads.

AG: What markets stay longer in Thailand?

TP: Australians average up to 10 days. Europeans are close to 14 days, and the longest is for Scandinavian tourists, which is around 17 days. Scandinavians escape their very cold winter.

AG: Germany and UK. Which is bigger?

TP: The UK is bigger and very similar to Australia, sitting at around 800 or 900,000, with Germany at approximately 750,000.

Tanes Petsuwan

AG: With a huge shift in geopolitics, how would this affect Thailand’s inbound numbers?

TP: Now, the situation in Russia is challenging, but we don’t expect the worst at all. We’ve been trying to mix the market and manage the risk anyway. Of the 40 million that come to Thailand, it’s around 65% that comes from the short-haul market. The Indian market is growing well. Australians, Malaysia also, and we have the bubble agreement with Singapore.

AG: What are the silver linings for Thailand?

TP: We try to avoid over-tourism, and we focus on responsible tourism as people need to live in better environments and be closer to nature. I think this is the lesson learned from COVID-19. We must align ourselves with nature and avoid a negative impact on the environment.

Seven million people left our big cities; they went back to their provinces and homes, taking their knowledge and skills. The bar manager, restaurant manager, waiters, waitress or anyone who worked in the hospitality area and international services; took their skills home.

The local restaurants the local businesses have now gained from learned services. If you visit Chiang Mai now, I can guarantee you will find many coffee shops with beautiful designs. Northern Thailand produces excellent coffee, and there are more local baristas.

It’s a new chapter we can now all enjoy. We welcome you to Thailand.

The post Amazing Thailand, New Chapters champions country’s COVID-19-adapted tourism products appeared first on Travel Daily.

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