Evi Moller – Woman of Stature

Evi Moller was recently awarded the title of ‘Woman of Stature’ at a function at the Indaba Hotel earlier in March. She won the award for her tireless efforts in supporting fellow members of the travel and tourism industries during the pandemic.

Moller won the title in the category ‘Women in Tourism’ for her enduring work in founding the ‘We Support’ platform for travel, tourism, events, hospitality and exhibitions, to bring some relief to members of those industries whose income had been severely diminished or wiped out entirely as a result of COVID-19. The initiative was featured in Travel News on September 14, 2020. https://www.travelnews.co.za/article/new-platform-will-support-industry

Seeing that her finest quality is her desire to see others succeed and to enable them to do so, Moller, along with Christeen Tait and Monica Ferreira, dreamed up a group geared solely to those in the tourism sector, offering a platform for them to sell their products and showcase their creations. The aim of the platform was not just to provide financial assistance but, where possible, to enable those in need to create a sustainable income source. From arranging for a chainsaw so that one entrepreneur could cut wood and sell it as firewood, to providing another with baking supplies and skills, these women did more than just assisting financially – they gave people hope.

We Support has now grown to more than 17 000 followers on the various platforms for those industries, and it continues to assist and inspire those industries. “Through this, I was nominated for the Woman of Stature – Woman in Tourism Awards, which is quite ironic as I am still unemployed due to COVID, but I continue to work with our industry,” said Moller.

She has a diverse background in the travel industry and spent many years in retail travel at one of the biggest industry players.

Said Charlotte du Plessis, MD of Women of Stature: “Every woman awarded on the night completed a ten-month journey from June 2021. This is a test of their commitment and endurance, to finish what they started. A true test of character and exactly what we look for in a woman of stature.”

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