IWTA speaks Monika Anggreni – Captain for AirAsia Indonesia

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Meet Monika Anggreni – Captain for AirAsia Indonesia



Monika Anggreni is a Captain with AirAsia Indonesia, with 13,000 flying hours under her belt since 2005.

She joined AirAsia Indonesia in 2005 as a pilot after several false starts, and is now one of only 30 female pilots in the company.  She is also a published author, Ironbird Monika – the story of how she became an airline pilot.



Early Beginnings

Monika originally dreamt of being an architect but despite her best efforts failed to gain admission to any of the programmes offered.  Her father’s dream was for her to become a pilot, so she applied and was accepted into an engineering major.  She also registered as aviation major but failed on her first attempt.  Persistence and hard work paid off, however, and Monika was finally able to study and pass the necessary exams to become a pilot.  Nothing seemed to work in her favour, as the 1997 economic crisis meant no jobs were available for her as a pilot, so she continued with her studies – this time in economics.

Finally In 2004 she entered aviation industry as a First Officer with Star Air – training in Stockholm.  She then became the first female pilot to fly the MD80 plane with Star Air.  Misfortune struck again when Star Air went bankrupt just 10 months into her contract.

Continued persistence paid off, yet again, and Monika joined AW Air which subsequently became AirAsia Indonesia, which is where she still works today.



Monika’s strength and motivation is drawn from her parents, who encouraged her to set her own goals, and strive to achieve whatever she could dream of.


Making a Difference

Monika strives to consistently support her team and those working with her, with a focus on professionalism and empowering others to grow.

Her objective for writing her book was to help motivate others, and to demonstrate to young girls that they could become whatever they wanted to be with determination, perseverance and hard work.  Even in the male-dominated world of aviation.


Highlights of the Job

Monika thrives on variety and loves working with different people all the time, different teams on every flight – where every day is different.


Future Dreams

Monika plans to write a second book and is working towards becoming a motivational speaker, whilst also looking at the path to becoming a flight instructor.


Advice to young girls

There is nothing you cannot do, even as a woman. Do your best. Believe the unbelievable, dream the impossible.


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The post IWTA speaks Monika Anggreni – Captain for AirAsia Indonesia appeared first on Travel Daily.

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