Selo Group appoints renowned sustainability expert Piet Van Zyl as Chief Regenerative Officer

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Selo Group, an award-winning and fully integrated development company based in Singapore, announced the appointment of Piet Van Zyl as chief regenerative officer.  Drawing on his wealth of experience with regenerative travel and zero waste projects for hotels and islands, Van Zyl will enhance Selo’s existing regenerative initiatives and implement new company-wide programs for its projects in Lombok, Sumatra Indonesia, and Tioman Island in Malaysia.

“Piet has been a pioneer when it comes to sustainability and zero waste initiatives for the hospitality industry, so we know he will lead Selo in a progressive direction and enrich our eco-friendly plans,” said Andrew Corkery, Selo Group’s CEO.  “He is an innovative, future-oriented thinker with a clear passion for the environment and making a positive impact on our world through accessible practices.”

Originally from South Africa, Van Zyl has been a hospitality and sustainability practitioner since 1993 with a focus on energy, water and waste evaluations and optimization, standards audit, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing reviews.

Van Zyl previously worked as group director of engineering and sustainability for Alila Hotels and Resorts for six years and was instrumental in the zero-waste-to-landfill project for the company’s four properties in Bali.  At ROLE Foundation, a local Bali NGO, he was instrumental in setting up a ZeroWaste training center.  Before joining the team at Selo, Van Zyl was the sustainability consultant for the new Locavore Next Restaurant in Ubud Bali that is currently under construction, The Datai Langkawi, and Nihi Sumba.  Additionally, he contributed his expertise to other restaurant projects in Bali.

Van Zyl has been a speaker on sustainability at prominent events throughout the world, including the ACICIS program at Udayana University Bali, the National University of Singapore Master’s program in Sustainability, and the World Tourism Destination Forum 2018.  He has also been a guest speaker at UNINGO, the 2019 International Forum on Ocean Sustainability in Taiwan, EarthCheck Inner Circle forum in Cancun Mexico, Green School Bali, DAS Conference in Johannesburg South Africa, The Ubud Food Festival in Bali, and The Edition Hotel in Miami.

Inspired by nature, Van Zyl follows a holistic “permaculture,” “blue” or “circular” economy approach with a concentration on the triple bottom line of people, profit and planet.  He approaches sustainability evaluation, design and trouble shooting from a waste reduction and positive impact perspective.

Selo’s Commitment to Regenerative Tourism

Selo Group uses its position in the industry to encourage fellow developers and properties to look beyond sustainability toward regenerative travel, a forward-thinking approach that seeks to leave a positive impact on local communities rather than maintain a status quo.  Sustainability and preserving the environment are prioritized at every stage of the development process, from construction to delivery and beyond.

In 2020, Selo Group launched its precrafted designer villas that provide an opportunity for sustainable and cost-effective real estate anywhere in Indonesia.  The company’s expert craftsmen build the villas with the highest efficiency through precrafted construction, which reduces environmental impact with minimal waste by using an accurate design and manufacturer.

Selo has incorporated the process of regenerative travel into its work with the Selo Footprints Program, which has been working hard for more than 12 years to support and contribute to the communities in Lombok, Indonesia.  They provide sustainable jobs for the community to stimulate growth and improve rural livelihoods in Selong Belanak, as well as offer support for disaster relief efforts.

Selo also aims to achieve zero waste in its operation in Lombok by developing several initiatives to minimise its environmental footprint. The company created a waste management centre – Selong Selo For Waste Recovery (SSCR) – within the premise to recycle and upcycle all waste collected at its development to make composted, raw materials such as glass cullet and plastic flakes, and products such as reusable bags, drinking glasses and terrazzo vases.

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About Selo Group

Selo Group has a proven track record of building quality, award-winning luxury resorts and villas on time and on budget, to the highest international standards. The business model is built around acquisition, development, and operation. The company’s experienced international team oversees design, property sales and marketing, construction, and hotel and resort operations. Selo Group provides a diverse suite of development, construction, operations, and management services, overseeing projects from beginning to end with a strong commitment to sustainability. Through vertical integration, the group captures efficiencies in the design, sales and construction verticals that dovetail into operating resorts. Selo’s green technology and design demonstrate a commitment to sustainability principles in its construction methods, internal operations, and engagement with local communities and the natural environment.

The post Selo Group appoints renowned sustainability expert Piet Van Zyl as Chief Regenerative Officer appeared first on Travel Daily.

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