Seychelles re-launches tourism clubs

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Seychelles’ Tourism Department has joined forces with the Ministry for Education to revamp the school tourism clubs in a live-streamed ceremony held at the Seychelles Tourism Academy at La Misère.

The ceremony was attended by the Minister for Education, Dr Justin Valentin, the Principal Secretary for Tourism Sherin Francis, Merna Eulentin, Principal Secretary for Educational Services, John Lesperance, Principal Secretary for Educational Development Sector, the Director-General for Destination Planning and Development at the Tourism Department, Paul Lebon and the Director-General for Destination Marketing at the Tourism Department, Bernadette Willemin.

Rebranded to ‘Lospitalite Tourism Clubs’, the school tourism clubs, launched in March 2019, regroup students of primary and secondary schools around Mahé, Praslin and La Digue with the aim to trigger their interest in hospitality. Unfortunately, these clubs had to stop their activities due to the pandemic.

Principal Secretary for Tourism, Francis expressed her satisfaction in having the schools join the Lospitalite Campaign through the Lospitalite Tourism Club. “This union is a key moment in the evolution of our Tourism Industry as it demonstrates the need to adjust the national mindset to reflect the fact that the nation relies heavily on tourism and aims to form young minds and foster proper attitudes,” said Francis.

The tourism-driven initiative ‘Lospitalite – Lafyerte Sesel’, spearheaded by the Industry Human Resource Development section within the Destination Planning & Development Division, has been in preparation since the third quarter of 2021.

The post Seychelles re-launches tourism clubs appeared first on Travel Daily.

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