US consumers are packing bags for travel in 2022

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Travellers are ready and eager to travel in 2022, according to a new survey report released by arrivia, a leading travel loyalty and booking technology platform that works with consumer-facing companies worldwide.

The latest report reveals an optimistic outlook for a travel resurgence as a post-COVID mentality sets in among potential travelers. Between December 2021 and January 2022, a timeframe that marked the peak of the COVID-19 Omicron variant, arrivia surveyed 2,150 Americans about their travel plans for this year. Of the travelers surveyed, more than two-thirds (69%) plan to travel in 2022 and nearly a quarter (24%) have a trip already booked.

That contrasts with a previous survey and report released by arrivia in mid-2021, which found a greater degree of hesitancy to travel by air amid pandemic concerns. The conclusion? The travel rebound has arrived. Value is still key, as are loyalty programs The new survey reveals that consumers aren’t booking big-ticket vacation packages without careful consideration, even after the pandemic-driven travel pause.

Price is still the top concern for prospective travelers, indicating that the eagerness to travel doesn’t trump their need for value. U.S. travelers are planning “bang-for-your-buck” trips to realize that value, but they’re also using points, miles, and rewards from their loyalty programs to reduce or offset some of the cost of travel.

“After many canceled vacations and months spent at home, consumers are mindful of planning their trips in 2022,” said Jeff Zotara, arrivia Chief Marketing Officer. “They want it to be special, but they also want value for money. That’s why many travelers are turning to their loyalty programs as they plan, looking for rewards or upgrades that will let them save on their trip cost without cutting back on comfort or enjoyment.”

The Consumers’ Take on Travel report builds on survey findings to guide consumer-facing businesses with loyalty or customer engagement programmes. As the survey data indicates a significant prioritization of value during a consumer’s trip planning process, loyalty programs should make more high-value travel options available to members and customers.
As many businesses – not just travel companies – hope to capitalise on the travel rebound, tailoring their loyalty and engagement strategies to consumers’ stated preferences for value and a broad range of travel options becomes a competitive advantage.

The post US consumers are packing bags for travel in 2022 appeared first on Travel Daily.

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