What You Need To Know About Brad Pitt’s Genderless And Wine-Inspired Skincare Line

Brad Pitt’s new skincare brand called Le Domaine is like a refreshing glass of wine for your face — literally. The launch of Le Domaine includes The Serum ($385), The Cream ($320), The Fluid Cream ($310), and The Cleansing Emulsion ($80). According to the company’s website, the products contain two patented antioxidants called GSM10 and ProGR3 that come from grape seeds and vines. The products claim to restore firmness and radiance, while smoothing the skin’s surface (via Harper’s Bazaar). The packaging lids even resemble cork tops found on wine bottles.

Pitt especially recommended The Cream to Harper’s Bazaar, saying, «I really like the texture because it’s creamy, moisturizes quickly, and makes my skin much more comfortable under the California sun.» The idea of a wine-infused skincare line came from his background in winemaking. Pitt and ex-wife, Angelina Jolie, had bought a property called Chateau Miraval in 2012, using the vineyard located in the South of France for family vacations (per People). Through his work with the Perrin family, Pitt helped restore Chateau Miraval and then co-founded Le Domaine (per Harper’s Bazaar). They also enlisted guidance from Dr. Pierre-Louis Teissedre whose expertise includes the effects of wine-derived antioxidants on the human body.

The skincare line is rooted in sustainability. In the process of making wine in the vineyard, any leftover byproducts are then recycled and used in Le Domaine skincare products.

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