Why Fans Are Calling Out Taylor Swift’s Collab With Ice Spice As Problematic

Singer Matty Healy took aim at New York musician Ice Spice in an unprovoked roasting session during his appearance on «The Adam Friedland Show.» While taping that February episode, Healy, comedy writer Nick Mullen, and host Friedland made fun of the rapper’s looks and ethnicity, specifically commenting on her weight and saying that she was either of Chinese or Canadian Indigenous descent. The 23-year-old Spice has confirmed that she is of Nigerian and Dominican heritage. The men also took aim at the accents of Hawaiian and Asian people, setting off such an offensive exchange that the episode was ultimately pulled from streaming platforms.

During an April show in Auckland, New Zealand, Healy expressed irritation that his joke was taken out of context but apologized to Spice. He claimed that he loved her and did not want her to view him as a jerk, though he used a much more vulgar term. «I’m so sorry. I don’t want it to be misconstrued as mean,» he said while addressing the crowd.

Spice has not publicly commented on the unsavory discourse about her on «The Adam Friedland Show.» However, it is unfortunate that the men targeted her, considering that she has expressed being a fan of The 1975.

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