Why General Hospital Fans Are Sticking Up For Cameron Over Josslyn’s Latest Move

The «General Hospital» official Twitter page posted, «Cameron thinks Josslyn owes him an explanation,» along with a video containing the scenes involving the aftermath of Cameron’s shocking discovery. Joss felt sorry that she kept her relationship with Dex a secret, but felt she didn’t owe any explanations to Cameron, per Soaps. When Cam asked if she and Dex had slept together before they broke up, she sheepishly told him that they did on New Year’s Eve, asking him to keep quiet about her and Dex.

Fans felt Joss does indeed owe Cameron, as one stated, «She does! She cheated..They’ve been friends since childhood!» One fan advised, «Cam needs to use the best part of breaking up and tell her, «Your secrets and what you want aren’t my problem anymore.» 

The viewers defended Cam strongly as one replied, «She absolutely owes him an explanation!! She’s been lying to him for months, keeping all her encounters and multiple kisses etc. with Dex a secret. She has some nerve asking him to keep THIS secret. He will need to confide his feelings to someone.» 

An objective viewer offered, «They were both so great today! Joss is young and she screwed up, and she does owe Cam an apology- but he sure a heck doesn’t owe her to stay quiet.»

The fans agreed that Josslyn was downright mean to Cameron; we’re excited to see what happens next!

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