Why Queen Camilla And Meghan Markle’s Friendship Reportedly Never Took Off

A shocking new book claims Meghan Markle «snubbed» Camilla Parker Bowles’s attempts to bond with her, upon the former actor initially joining the royal family. Express notes royal biographer Angela Levin makes the explosive admission in her new book, «Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall: From Outcast to Queen Consort.» Levin writes about how the queen consort, of all people, knows how tough it is to ingratiate yourself with The Firm and greeted Meghan «warmly» during her first visit to London.

They went out to lunch on several occasions, and Camilla «spent a lot of time offering advice on how to handle the pressure.» But the Duchess of Sussex seemed «bored,» was often «unresponsive» and generally «preferred to go her own way.» Levin spoke to an unnamed source about the fledgling friendship, suggesting the queen consort was quite willing to «mentor» the newcomer, whom she liked very much, but Meghan simply didn’t want to know.

Similarly, earlier this year, Levin, who spent an entire year with Prince Harry while researching a biography about him, told TalkRadio: «Camilla was also very helpful to Meghan when she first joined — took her out for lunch and tried to teach her some of the things she needed to know — the restrictions and the disadvantages as well as the positives,» per The Sun. Her words seemingly fell on deaf ears, with Meghan content to figure it out on her own. 

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