Why Steppin’ Into The Holiday Is Mario Lopez’s Favorite Film Role Yet

In an interview with PureWow, Mario Lopez shared that his experience filming «Steppin’ Into the Holiday» was special even among his growing list of Lifetime collaborations. «I’m really excited about it,» he told the outlet. «It’s probably my favorite one I’ve done so far, to be honest.» The «Saved by the Bell» alum also loved having his wife on set, noting, «She does a great job.» 

Besides the great energy on set and the movie’s beautiful Tennessee setting, Lopez was also thrilled that the story incorporates multiple forms of performance that the whole family can enjoy. «There are a lot of musical components, a lot of dancing, a lot of great songs,» Lopez gushed. In an exclusive interview with The List, Mario Lopez revealed his dream checklist going into the project. 

According to the actor, «I wanted to have something that had some dancing in it and comedy and some romance and [was] in the Christmas vein.» Lopez, who also served as an executive producer on the movie, acknowledged how much of a difference his creative input makes, too. «I kind of came up with the premise,» he divulged. Lopez continued, «We come up with all our premises for the holiday films. I love doing them.» Likewise, the actor also emphasized how important family is to him, both on and off the screen.

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