Y&R’s Eric Braeden Offers Candid Update On His Cancer Treatment

The Los Angeles Times recently posted a video interview with «The Young and the Restless» star Eric Braeden. The host brought up Braeden’s cancer diagnosis, explaining that his new task in life, in addition to his career, was saving lives. The actor responded, «If I do indeed do that, that would be very nice.» He stated that the initial diagnosis shook him up a bit, but after talking to other people who’ve dealt with it, he decided to take a more calm, objective approach to possible treatments. The host brought up the fact that Braeden had been initially misdiagnosed. Braeden said a doctor told him, «Everything was fine,» but explained that his frequent urination continued after that exam, so he sought a second opinion, where his bladder cancer was discovered.

Braeden happily shared the story of when his Vietnamese doctor was performing an incredibly uncomfortable procedure on him, and he told the actor that he learned English from watching «Y&R.» The actor explained that the cancer was removed, but he’s still undergoing immunotherapy infusions. «Is it the most pleasant?» he asked, answering, «No. But, it beats chemotherapy.» When the host told him that being open about his cancer has given him the thanks and respect of «Y&R» fans as well as people worldwide, Braeden responded, «You begin to realize the reach this show has. It’s extraordinary. It really is.»

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