Climate and energy takeaways from Biden’s budget pitch

White House budget proposals arrive on Capitol Hill written in pencil at best, but the new Biden administration plan nonetheless has provisions and messages worth watching.

Driving the news: The fiscal year 2023 request unveiled Monday would boost government-wide spending on climate and clean energy programs to almost $45 billion, the White House said.

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A few takeaways …

1. It goes big on global aid. The White House is asking Congress for over $11 billion for programs to help other countries cut emissions and adapt to warming.

  • That’s a tenfold boost to what Congress approved this year, per the New York Times, which notes the request faces an «uphill battle.»

  • $11.4 billion is a level the White House had previously sought by 2024. Officials «may be hoping for a friendlier reception on Capitol Hill, given the chance Democrats lose control of Congress in the November midterm elections,» Bloomberg reports.

2. It leaves Biden’s clean energy bill in suspended animation. The request lacks key provisions of the plan formerly known as «Build Back Better,» notably a major expansion of clean power and electric vehicle tax incentives.

3. It’s not just about the money. Biden’s proposal also contains several windows into how the administration is specifically looking to reshape and expand key programs.

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