Peru’s President Pedro Castillo survives impeachment vote

Peru’s President Pedro Castillo survived an impeachment push from opposition lawmakers eight months into his term after they failed to secure enough votes to remove him from office on Monday night.

Driving the news: Opposition lawmakers in Congress accused the socialist leader of «moral incapacity,» saying he faces «three preliminary investigations into possible corruption,» per AP.

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What he’s saying: «I salute that common sense, responsibility and democracy prevailed,» Castillo tweeted after the impeachment vote.

  • «I recognize the parliamentarians who voted against the vacancy, and I respect the decision of those who did. I call everyone to turn this page and work together for the great challenges of the country.»

The big picture: Castillo became in 2021 the fifth president in as many years, after a series of removals by Congress, planned impeachments and forced resignations over corruption allegations and accusations of police brutality, notes Marina E. Franco, writing for Axios Latino.

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