GNOME 43 Lands With Major Linux Desktop UI, Device Security Enhancements

The new version of the GNOME Linux desktop overhauls the system menu and adds new file manager icons. It also tries to protect users from malware.

Version 43 of the GNOME desktop for Linux has been released. The new version debuts with changes to the system menu, file manager, and new device security options.

Celebrating «Hard Work» of GNOME Developers

The GNOME project took to Twitter to announce GNOME 43:

As a testament to the developers, GNOME 43 is codenamed «Guadalajara,» as the GUADEC GNOME developer’s conference was held in the Mexican city in July 2022.

What’s New in GNOME 43?

The new version includes a raft of user interface tweaks.

The quick settings menu offers a way to switch quickly between light and dark modes, building on the enhanced dark mode that was offered in GNOME 42. The menu also offers a new button to take screenshots, as well as the ability to switch quickly among different sound devices if they’re present. The menu will also connect to the last-used VPN.

The Files file manager app has also been refreshed, with new icons, adaptive design for use with mobile devices, improved file search listings, and redesigned menus.

There’s also a new «Device Security» menu that can warn users about possible hardware misconfigurations and hardware security issues. The change is part of an effort to mitigate malware attacks that target the computer’s firmware.

When Will Users Get Gnome 43?

GNOME users who are intrigued by the new features on version 43 may have some time to wait, depending on what Linux distribution they use. Faster-moving distros like Fedora or Arch will package GNOME 43 quicker than those that focus on stability. Ubuntu version 22.10 will feature GNOME 43 when it launches in October 2022, but the Ubuntu team will customize it.

Users eager to try out GNOME 43 right now can download a nightly GNOME OS image, though users are advised not to rely on it in production use.

Plenty to Explore in GNOME 43

The latest release of the GNOME desktop maintains GNOME’s reputation for sleek design balanced with user-friendliness in the Linux world. Preview versions have already made their way into the hands of Linux users since the development process is so transparent. The new features in GNOME 43 should keep users busy, at least until the next release.

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