Hyperproof offers its compliance software for free to firms in the critical infrastructure sectors as the Russian cyberthreat elevates

BELLEVUE, Wash., April 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Organizations in every sector are facing greater cybersecurity threats than ever before. Ransomware attacks negatively impacted one in three global organizations in 2021, according to IDC. The average U.S.—based organization spent $2.66MM in cleanup and response per incident. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has raised the stakes even higher. Former CISA Director Christopher Krebs described the Russian cyberthreat as «especially elevated now» because Putin has already demonstrated he’s willing to cross Western red lines by invading Ukraine.

Hyperproof Logo (PRNewsfoto/Hyperproof)

Hyperproof Logo (PRNewsfoto/Hyperproof)

Hyperproof offers its compliance software for free to critical infrastructure sectors for a proactive defense posture

Given the current situation, and the rise in cyberwarfare activities being supported and funded by the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (FSB), organizations in all 16 critical infrastructure sectors should be prepared to mitigate the risk of a cyber attack and the impact of a compromise. The 16 critical infrastructure sectors include a wide range of private-sector organizations U.S. residents rely on daily for their safety, health, security, and economic well-being (e.g., hospitals, banks, water treatment plants, oil and gas pipelines, public transit systems, schools, food manufacturers, and more). In the European Union, Directive 2008/114/EC defines Critical Infrastructure companies as those involved in the life cycle of energy production (oil, gaps, electric) and transportation companies (road transport, rail, air, shipping, ferries).

To help these vitally important organizations in the U.S. and their counterpart organizations in the EU take a proactive approach to cyber defense during this critical time, Hyperproof has chosen to offer its compliance operations software (including a risk register) to them for free for one year. With Hyperproof’s intuitive compliance operations software, an organization will be able to:

  • Track all risks centrally and gain immediate visibility to their risks and their impact.

  • Implement security controls based on the golden standard of security guidelines for managing cyber risk – the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

  • Have a single place to easily manage all critical controls on a continuous basis and validate those controls’ effectiveness with automation (both evidence collection and testing), workflow, alerting, and analytics features within Hyperproof

«Here at Hyperproof, we wanted to do what we can to help these critical organizations shore up their cyber defense posture – so they can survive cyber attack attempts and remain operational. Chances are, most organizations can quickly identify a few immediate actions to reduce their attack surface, but may not have a complete picture of their attack surface or the imminent threat that is likely already in their systems,» says Matt Lehto, Hyperproof’s Chief Growth Officer.

«By providing Hyperproof, we hope that organizations can gain better visibility to their risks and security controls – and have an easier time doing the work needed to validate their security posture.»

To learn more about this free offer, please visit: hyperproof.io/cyber-defense-solution/

This offer is exclusively available to organizations in the 16 critical infrastructure sectors in the U.S., as defined by the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency as well as critical infrastructure companies in European Union countries, as defined by Directive 2008/114/EC.

About Hyperproof
Hyperproof is a software company focused on creating revolutionary software that brings trust to life. To date, Hyperproof has delivered an innovative SaaS compliance operations platform that empowers compliance, risk, and security teams to stay on top of all compliance work and manage organizational risks (including vendor risks) on a continuous basis. Hyperproof has disrupted the GRC space by tackling a pressing problem ignored by others: helping compliance pros gain control over and effectively manage their ever-growing workload. Hyperproof is used by market leaders in security tech, enterprise software, fintech, healthcare tech, and data communications, including Sophos, ForgeRock, 3M, Outreach, and Motorola Solutions. To learn more about Hyperproof, visit https://hyperproof.io

Media Contact: Jingcong Zhao
Senior Director, Product Marketing at Hyperproof



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