Russia’s admission of heavy military losses ‘interesting’

White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Sunday said it is “interesting” that the Kremlin recently acknowledged Russia has suffered heavy military losses in its attack on Ukraine.

During an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” Fox News anchor Dana Perino noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov, recently said Russia was suffering heavy military losses in Ukraine.

“We agree that that was interesting. Rarely do they acknowledge from the Russian leadership, any elements of weakness or any elements of defeat,” Psaki said.

“It is also significant that the Ukrainians have essentially won the battle of Kyiv,” Psaki added. “They’ve protected their city and that is because of their bravery, their courage, but it is also because of the supplies, the military equipment, everything we’ve expedited — $1.7 billion worth — from the United States and the commitment and dedication of the American people to this war.”

Perino, herself a former White House press secretary for the George W. Bush administration, also asked Psaki about the ongoing Iran nuclear negotiations. She asked if the White House believed Russia could continue to be a part of the negotiations despite its attack on Ukraine.

Psaki acknowledged that Russia’s continued presence at the negotiating table was “complicated.”

“You know this from your many past experiences, diplomacy, foreign affairs — it’s complicated. And this is an example of that,” she said.

“Russia has been a member of the P5+1. They have been implementing — played an implementation role. That’s what we’re talking about and what’s been under discussion in these negotiations. We don’t know that we will come to an agreement though it’s ongoing and we’re still considering it,” Psaki added.

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