Trustpac enhances analysts team, now comprised of over 70 expert analysts

TALLINN, Estonia, March 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — It’s well understood that global warming, the invasion into Ukraine, and the western sanctions over Russia, China, and Iran create an economically volatile world. These kinds of unstable times require better understanding and capacity for analyzing the current drastic changes in the markets. Trustpac has targeted this issue in the last few years. Recently, they have decided to enhance their analyst team — which nowadays is comprised of over 70 expert analysts.

«Today, the markets, especially the commodities market, are so frail. That’s why we’ve decided to thicken the lines of the analyst team on our platform,» said Ema Overland, Trustpac’s Spokesperson. «We’ve not only hired more analysts, but also raised the recruiting bar, making sure we hire only the best people we can find. As a result, we got the best analyst team we could wish for.»

Navigating troubled waters

As far as the professional analyst team of Trustpac can predict, the future investment world holds both great opportunities, but also dangers. It’s not a secret that most people who invest using brokerage platforms are not masters in the world of investments. For this reason, it’s essential that the staff of an investment platform would be professional and have a sufficient number of experts in order to be able to help all customers. This is especially important regarding the analyst team, due to the fact that they are the ones who actually know how to navigate the troubled waters of the global economy.

«Even though our renewed and superb analyst team is at the forefront of Trustpac, it’s only one aspect of the end-to-end solution we offer our clients,» added Overland. «Trustpac has a robust and fast platform, not to mention the uncompromising security technology, kind customer care service, and top-tier trading tools available for its clients.»

About Trustpac

Trustpac is a world-leading brokerage site. It was established based on the belief that trading can be suited to all, regardless of their former knowledge, or lack of knowledge, about the investment world. This tailoring to the customers’ needs is also manifested in its varied tools, that are flexible enough to be beneficial for all mastery levels of investing. Trustpac offers professional customer service in order to assist its clients with any query, making sure the users get the best brokerage experience an investor can ask for.

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